Sunday, June 3, 2018

Oat the Goat Stories - Room 6

The glow worms were making a path and it was cool they did help.

The sheep shaved their wool into a woolly blanket and they learned that kindness wins in the end.


Oat the goat was very brave. I liked the part they helped each other. I liked it, it was fun.

Amos helped Oat the goat get to the tippy top and it was big and sweaty but it was freezing cold. It was a high mountain with snow and Amos was kind to Oat, he even helped Oat get across the crack.

The glow worms are making a path to get Oat the goat to the top to see the view.

I liked the bit when Oat the goat stands up to the glow worms. Don’t forget Amos.

Oat the goat and his friend went up the mountain and they had fun.

I am going to the top of the mountain, the very top of the amazing mountain. They had fun.

Oat the goat is kind and made friend with the sheep and the glow worms and Amos.

Oat the goat was trying to get to the top of the mountain. It was an icy mountain. In the end they were happy to find their nest.

First Oat helps Amos. Then he helps the green glow worm. Then the sheep made a net out of their wool. Then the blue glow worms lit a path to the top. Then they saw the Kea nest.

Oat the Goat
It was fun. I was reading it and he went to the top. Amos was kind.

Oat the goat helped the glow worm that was sad.

Amos helped Oat the goat and the glow worm to get to the tippy top. Oat the goat was sweaty and I think they had fun.
Oat the goat and Amos and the glow worm went in a cave-it was big. They had fun. I had fun watching the movie of Oat the goat.

We saw the interesting Oat the goat. I liked the part where they fell under the ground and the tall mountain too. I loved when they went up the mountain, I loved most when they helped the glow worm. I liked it so much when they finally reached the Tippy Top of the mountain.

They got to the top of the mountain. They were very excited that they were at the top of the mountain. Oat the goat was very kind to the glow worms and the sheep and Amos.

Oat The Goat Posters

The last few weeks LZ4 have been looking at the story Oat the Goat. Here is a little blurb about it:
"Oat the Goat is an interactive, online story book, which aims to teach children about empathy, acceptance and tolerance.
Designed to help 4-7 year olds learn about the power of kindness, this engaging bullying prevention resource encourages children to make the right decision through a positive interactive experience with their parents, whānau, family, teacher or peers." (This is from Oat the Goat)

Attached are some amazing posters that LZ4 have been creating.

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